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This document is related to the protection of singular people on them personal data and to the free circulation of those data, followed by the Portuguese law.
The Olive Oil Museum assume the permanent commitment of protecting the privacy of the personal data provided by our visitors on the services that this museum has to offer.
This document aims to provide our visitors the necessary information related to the privacy policy of the Olive Oil Museum, in a way that the providers can give us them free and informed consent of processing them personal data by the Olive Oil Museum.
Please, read carefully this document. By entering on this website, you are given us your personal data, accepting all the knowledge and conditions illustrated on this document.
Providing your personal data on the website, you are authorizing the treatment of your data according to the Portuguese law.
1. Definition of personal data
“Personal data” are the information about one person that are provided when that same person visits our website. Between others, are included, the name, surname, email or a phone number.
2. Confidentiality
It is our policy that personal data, such as the name, address, phone number or email, are private and confidential data. All the personal information that you provide are safely preserved. That information will be only used to answer the questions that you asked for.
The Olive Oil Museum respects the privacy of the user and treats them personal data according to the Portuguese law. The data are not used for any king of subjects that are not specify on this document.
3. Personal data collected by the user
Any kind of personal data given when you visit our website, it will be processed according the Portuguese law and they will be collected, processed and used for legitim reasons.
The data collected on our website forms are exclusively intended to the requests of the users, they will not be recorded on the data base of our website and will not be used for any other kind of processing.
In case of existence of a newsletter form, the collected data in its underwriting are exclusively intended to the communication and the disclosure by the Olive Oil Museum.
By technical reasons, when you visit our website, some information is stored in an automatic way. (For example: the IP address of your internet connection attributed by your ISP, the website from which you had access to our website, the kind of device and the browser that is being used).
The Olive Oil Museum declares that will not use the personal data of the users to send not requested contents.

3.1. Cookies
Our website uses cookies.
Cookies are small text files stored by our website on the user’s computer. Our website uses cookies to recognize the users when they visit us. This utilization allows us to improve the uses of our website, adjusting it to the needs of its users. The cookies collected on the user’s computer are valid during and unlimited time period after the first visit of the users to the website.
You can set up your browser to not accept cookies from this website. However, not accepting cookies limits the access and the utilization of some functionalities.

4. Conservation of personal data

After collecting personal and individual information voluntarily transmitted by the user, the Olive Oil Museum will proceed to its conservation and maintenance by period required to the goal of its treatment, until instructions in the opposite direction, or until the law demands its elimination.

5. Safety of the personal data

The olive Oil Museum commits itself to not sell, rent or transmit to other people any kin of personal data sent by the users of our website, without loss of doing it through authorization of the user or when legally forced. The olive Oil Museum ensures that there where been adopted and organized the safety measures to protect the personal data against destruction, change and/or diffusion accidental or illicit, not authorized of the personal data.
Any kind of violence attempting of the data base of this website is considered a crime, according to the Portuguese law.

6. Controller and processer of the data
The responsible for the treatments of the data is:
Olive Oil Museum
Travessa dos Vales nº5
3405-008 Bobadela, Oliveira do Hospital

7. Access, rectification or elimination of the given data

Following the Portuguese law it is given to the users the right of access, rectification and elimination of the data.
You can use your rights by contact us.

Olive Oil Museum
Travessa dos Vales nº5
3405-008 Bobadela, Oliveira do Hospital
Mobile Number: +351 238 603 095/925 465 200
You can also ask for information’s to the email

The Olive Oil Museum has the right of changing or updating the Privacy Policy to any moment, always according to the Portuguese law.