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Brand Museu do Azeite

Registered as a trademark since 2016, the “Museu Azeite” olive oil appears after the “Azeite Romano” olive oil become an established brand between the public and in the sequence of the building of the “dream work” of its owner, Mr. António Dias.

Actually, it was after the construction of a building with the shape of a giant olive tree branch and dedicated to the shelter of more than 2000 years of olive oil production and extraction history, that the label “Museu do Azeite” olive oil appeared.

Attended daily by tens of tourists, the Olive Oil Museum, located in the village of Bobadela, county of Oliveira do Hospital is already an “ex-libris” of the Center Region of Portugal and its products are increasingly popular. In that way, appeared the “Museu do Azeite” olive oil, the most wanted product of our gift shop “Museum Home” that besides being useful by itself, can also become a memory of a visit to the Museum or an offer to someone who hasn’t yet visited it.

Produced exclusively by physical processes that only include the washing, decantation, centrifugation and filtration treatments, with no chemical additions, this is a virgin or an extra virgin olive oil that highlights itself buy its high quality, fruity flavor and an acidity degree of 0,5. It has in intense flavor and smell of healthful olives and its produced with Galician olives from the Center Region. It is ideal to temper in raw (salads and other dishes), to use in confectionery and in some sauces, soups, braises and marinated.

The “Museu do Azeite” Olive Oi lis available in 250 ml, 500 ml, 2 Lts and 5 Lts packages. You can buy it online, at the Olive Oil Museum gift shop “Museum at Home” or at Sociedade de Azeite e Destilaria Dias, Lda.’s mill.